IMG_6910.jpgIt was probably on a cold winter day full of snow eighteen years ago when the strange person later named Erik (with a family name as well, of course) was born in a country in Eastern Europe – a country which had become independent once again only about seven years ago.

The strange character started his own journey in the book of life, facing difficulties, but getting to know what happiness felt like; he became desperate once, lost hope, but then felt relief and love again. Just like everybody else, to be honest.

This child was a typical member of the ‘worst generation of children ever’. He didn’t like books. He hated them with passion. The only books he read were the ones from his school’s Literature class’s compulsory literature. But then came a change when a lovely person introduced the boy to Goodreads.

The love for books which had been deep inside the child’s heart fought his way to the surface. This one website made the youngling know what true reading was. And everything became clear to him.

And so in two years, the boy became a reader of many books and an author of none. But what was it about him that made him so strange? He hadn’t loved reading, but had already tried to write stories. Now with the discovery of Goodreads, he found another website to support his passion for writing. NaNoWriMo made a way to his heart and while no promising stories have been written during the two years of participation, the boy hasn’t lost hope.

But for now, he will stay a reviewer of books. Until a book of his own may come to the shelves of bookstores.

I would also like to say that all of my book reviews are done for fun and by so far, I have only reviewed books I own and have read casually. No funding by publishers or authors has taken place.

Look out for Review Monday, Writing Wednesday and Random Friday.

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